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As one of my heroes, former Texas Governor Ann Richards once pointed out, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, just backwards and in high heels.

During the elections last year, I wrote a piece on the personal attacks against women candidates and Kamala Harris, in particular, that were being used to undermine their eligibility for office. I wanted to revive this piece to drive home this message even further as Kamala is still attacked today, 6 months into her position in the office. …

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Patricia Golden Webb, a cultural strategist, recently spoke at the Executive Women of Color Summit, hosted by the Leverage Network.

The EWOC Summit is a professional leadership and Board Governance conference designed to increase the representation of African American/Black women on boards and to enhance their leadership journey. They bring together some of the most dynamic, influential, and successful women in healthcare and corporate America to share candid, authentic conversations and lessons learned.

Patricia Golden Webb, a collaborative leader, and board member spoke about facing challenges in the workplace.

“Some of the challenges I’ve experienced, and I’m sure the…

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I recently read an article published in the Search Engine Journal, 10 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Through 2021, by Lemuel Park. As an integrative strategic thinker with a keen understanding of the critical role digital marketing plays to build a brand, this article resonated with me.

The article highlights how digital transformation compounded exponentially:

“This past year, digital transformation became a reality for businesses of all kinds as the global pandemic accelerated the pace of change by years. The future trends you were using to guide your digital marketing strategy previously may now be outdated, while entirely new…

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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” — H.E. Luccock

The best analogy to understand teamwork is to understand the workings of an orchestra. Music ensembles achieve synergy in excellent music and enjoyable performances. Without a cohesive team, no performance can shine. The same goes for any corporate organization. The team is like the orchestra, and its leader is the conductor of the orchestra.

We are in conversation with Niven Al-Khoury, strategic business partner and champion of sustainable growth. Niven leads with a purpose, and she leads teams to work together — in order…

Co-Authored by Dr. Manuel Garcia-Garcia and Nicolas Mercurio

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This Juneteenth, Gen Z’ers — those under 25– are uniquely suited and disproportionately committed to addressing the legacy of slavery in America. The most racially diverse generation in American history saw the first Black man, Barack Obama, elected president in grade school. Then, in high school and college, they watched the country split further as former President Donald Trump assumed office. The pandemic, economic upheaval, and the national reckoning around race round out their coming of age story.

Now, new analysis from Axios/Ipsos finds that the protests that erupted last summer following…

Yolanda Caraway, often described as a change catalyst, has over 30 years of experience with policy-making, public affairs, as well as national and international political matters. Often sought after to coordinate major activities for the Democratic Party, as well as private organizations, her list of professional achievements showcases years of organizational ability and management expertise.

Yolanda co-authored a book, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics, and recently discussed the influence that two people had on the book, along with her co-authors.

“Paul Tully was a mentor to all of us. When I first got to college he was…

The TE Store was created to serve the needs of inventors and engineers. It allows them to search products online, receive 24/7 support, and make purchases online. - Nitin Mathur

TE Connectivity launched the online TE Shop recently to expand its brand and increase sales among smaller businesses. It serves as a foundation to build TE Connectivity into a global B2B ecommerce program. Nitin Matur, vice-president and chief ecommerce and digital officer, said that “We are well-established with large international manufacturers.” “We now want to target smaller, medium and niche businesses.”

The majority of large accounts’ sales are handled by…

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I recently read an article published in the Harvard Business Review, 5 Questions Boards Should Be Asking About Digital Transformation, by Celia Huber, Alex Sukharevsky, and Rodney Zemmel. As a transformation leader, I have always been interested in how new technologies shift consumer expectations, challenge norms, and put pressure on organizations to keep up with trends. The pace at which technology is transforming is fascinating.

Digital transformation is widening the scope of responsibility present to corporate boards. New mandates for risk and competition have opened up — forcing boards to take a fresh range of things into consideration — ranging…

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I joined Morgens, Waterfall, Vintiadis & Company, Inc. in June 2007. My work with the company includes covering media, consumer, software, and semiconductors. The company has the expertise and deep industry knowledge in multiple verticals, including technology specializing in media, consumer, software, and semiconductors.

Other focus areas extend to life sciences, including traditional companies such as pharmaceuticals and insurance, and include research, design, and developing biotechnology, exploring gene editing, and immunotherapy technologies.

With over thirty years of experience in the wealth management industry, I consider myself a pioneer in implementing successful investment strategies to grow assets and leverage changing market…

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We’re amid a global semiconductor shortage. And it’s most likely not going to get any better soon. Some say that we won’t see relief until 2024 or 2025!

What do we know about what’s driving this surge? There are various reasons for it, but one of the most significant is the surging worldwide demand for products that rely on semiconductors to work.

What does a semiconductor shortage mean for people around the world?

It means that your favorite electronic device is going to be more expensive than ever.

Are you a gamer? Your graphics card and processor will cost much…

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