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A sequence of sudden, unplanned, and unexpected events leads to instability in an organization and may cause major unrest amounts employees — this is called a crisis. Leaders and managers play an extremely crucial role during a crisis. Leading from the front with authenticity, confidence, steadiness, and integrity — is the only way to take charge in such times.

Niven Al- Khoury has witnessed a number of such crises during her career. From the Arab Spring to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been a healthcare champion and inspiring leader and navigated the way through tough situations.

We are in conversation…

Lorraine, your book guides a reader through every step of innovation. But what about raising capital and pitching investors? What are your recommendations for innovators?

“There is no innovation without persuasion. So how can you make sure you have the killer pitch that gets your audience talking to you about dollars and cents? Whether you’re pitching angel investors, VCs, Private Equity, strategic partners, or business development at your company, there is a way to prepare any pitch for success. …

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The Opal Group held their annual flagship Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum in Newport, Opal’s largest & most renowned family office event in the industry. One of the speakers was Susan Schoenfeld, public speaker & thought partner to families of wealth and their advisors.

Susan is the founder of Wealth Legacy Advisors LLC. She is an award-winning thought leader and public speaker in the financial services industry, and an expert on the human issues that keep families of wealth up at night.

Susan spoke about how families define who they are.

“Family meetings are an interesting and…

Corwin Harper

“The imagined future transforms the present.”

Higher risk-taking is impacted by the urgency of short-term and long-term actions. In today’s fast-paced business environment, there is less time to play it safe and more learning on the job. The new future-focused leadership and outlook are encompassed by skills like adaptability, innovation, and courage.

We are in conversation with Corwin Harper, a believer in the power of future back thinking. With over 35 years of experience in various industries, Corwin is well versed in the importance of being future-focused, and the benefits it has on any organization.

The age-old playbook for organizational…

Empathy…don’t underestimate it. This one quality has the power to change the trajectory of conversations, businesses, and lives. Have a listen to this webinar where I join my fellow colleagues to discuss the impact of empathic connections on the lives of the people that use our products and services.” -April Jeffries

“This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping their clients better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

The focus is on bringing together new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research.

In this session, the speakers will be taking time out…

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Which practice trains us to understand, and assimilate customer drivers and client behavior? Which practice trains us to build product and service-based foundations and delivery systems, backed up by technology, support, and service models?

There is only one answer: marketing.

The perceived value of a marketer on a company board is on the rise, especially one with a quantitative bent and a digital-first mentality. The insights, input, and experience provided by marketers are unmissable and undeniable. We are in discussion with Julie Roehm, a highly experienced marketer, strategist, transformation expert, advisor, and board member. …

Sir Trilli

Currently based in Los Angeles, Branden Thompson is a successful entrepreneur who has built a formidable empire worth over seven figures. He’s also a skilled rapper, who goes by the name of Sir Trilli and has chosen to educate people on financial literacy through his creative lyrics. His music promotes entrepreneurship, investing, having good credit, and walking the straight and narrow. He dropped his first single, “Shake the Bank,” in October of 2020 with a hypnotic baseline guaranteed to get people bopping, but with an important message about being in control of your financial destiny. …

Anthony S. Glover
Anthony S. Glover
Anthony S. Glover

No business can operate without engaging people and creating meaningful connections with others. Building authentic organizations begin with recognizing that everyone person has their desires, motives, and interests. Be it your customer, client, vendor, or other business leaders — the goal should be to connect with them on a deeper level.

Anthony Glover, a driver of positive change and highly experienced business professional is the epitome of a ‘hearts and minds’ kind of person. He is the kind of leader who genuinely cares about others. …

What Makes Your Organization Special?

Gail Donovan — Christopher J. O’Connor

We read this intriguing article by Justin Wartell, with this catchy title and encourage other c-suite executives to consider the question.
What makes your organization special?

The COVID-19 pandemic created enormous challenges, demanded dynamic real-time operational changes, and hopefully provided the opportunity for learnings for healthcare providers and consumers. This article offers three insights about humanizing brand experience to better engage health care consumers in a post-pandemic world. These insights are translatable to other industries where employee and consumer engagement, trust and innovation are core to achieving results.

  1. Overcome Engagement Setbacks that were experienced during…

A great CEO must have an intentional strategy in place for the vision of the company’s future and how to get there. Of course unexpected events will come along the way, but a CEO must lead their company to adjust accordingly, so that the vision is not lost.

The purpose of strategy is to create a competitive advantage for the firm. The CEO has to be adept at removing initiatives that are not in alignment with or support that overall strategy. Further, some plans need to be removed — the tradeoff being that there is more focus on the most…

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