50 Billion Dollar Boss: BOSS TALKS! featuring Yolanda Caraway

Yolanda Caraway, a change catalyst and CEO of the Caraway Group, was interviewed by Kathey Porter, in a feature by Business Fab Media. Kathey is the author of 50 Billion Dollar Boss, hence giving the name to the series BOSS TALKS! featuring Yolanda Caraway.

The book 50 Billion Dollar Boss discusses several successful African-American women to talk about their success, obstacles, challenges, and more. The authors interviewed each of these women in 2015, to chronicle their stories in order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs. Yolanda Caraway was one of the women featured in the book. Five years after the book being released, Kathey and Yolanda have once again come together virtually in 2020, to talk about entrepreneurship, politics, business, and so much more.

You can watch the video interview here:

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