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2 min readAug 12, 2021


What Makes Your Organization Special?

Gail Donovan — Christopher J. O’Connor

We read this intriguing article by Justin Wartell, with this catchy title and encourage other c-suite executives to consider the question.
What makes your organization special?

The COVID-19 pandemic created enormous challenges, demanded dynamic real-time operational changes, and hopefully provided the opportunity for learnings for healthcare providers and consumers. This article offers three insights about humanizing brand experience to better engage health care consumers in a post-pandemic world. These insights are translatable to other industries where employee and consumer engagement, trust and innovation are core to achieving results.

  1. Overcome Engagement Setbacks that were experienced during the pandemic. Let experts lead conversations, actively listen, and empathize with employees and consumers about what they have experienced.
  2. Don’t Lose Trust by bringing others into decision-making, being transparent about options, acknowledging what you do and don’t know as truths and the unpredictability of the future.
  3. Innovation Through Real Talk is achieved by expanding how innovation is defined to include the experience you wish to convey. People-centric humanizing experiences defined in clear goals drive brand (and not typically the way innovation is defined in business through technology and process). And partners and collaborators where scale can be impactful.

Is your company struggling to define post pandemic operations to preserve or enhance your brand? Wartell suggests that if you focus on what makes your business special and ensure laser focus, that is your brand opportunity internally with team members and externally with consumers. We think this makes sense at this time of upheaval. Stay focused, fluid, have regular and frequent conversations for feedback and input. Build trust, be authentic, human, personal. If you did this as part of your corporate culture, great. If you did this out of necessity to get through the most critical part of the pandemic, that’s ok too. Now that you have made the bold step to change your brand, don’t resort back once this is all over. Continue to drive engagement and your brand. What do you think?

Gail Donovan
Christopher J. O’Connor

The June edition of the American Hospital Association (AHA) publication Trustee Insights features an article by Justin Wartell, Managing Principle with Monigle, a brand experience agency. This is the fourth volume of a report titled ‘Humanizing Brand Experience’ that Monigle produced in partnership with the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development and AHA Data & Insights.



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