Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center - Siler Ransmeier

Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center

My approach to design has always been simplistic and minimalistic. I strive for my work to enhance the community and leave a legacy for generations to come. When the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) charged us at HH Architecture with the design of approximately 220,000 square feet of new laboratory and office space for the Veterinary, Food and Drug Protection, Structural Pest Control and Pesticides, Motor Fuels, and Standards Divisions, it was the perfect project. My focus on sustainability, durability, and longevity was extremely applicable to such a project, that would positively impact the North Carolina community.

Five divisions of agricultural technology were brought together in a 230,000 square foot state-of-the-art complex in Raleigh, NC. Located amongst the existing agricultural context, the design intent was to honor the landscape and heritage of agriculture while providing a long-lasting venue for collaboration and diagnostic testing. Two bars housing laboratory and administrative functions, respectively, are joined by a central public hub of activity. Exterior cladding and interior finishes draw inspiration from regional agrarian imagery, while natural light and expansive views of the landscape provide a direct connection to the environment that employees work hard to safely manage and protect.

Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center

We worked closely with client-appointed user groups to design a space that will benefit all divisions to be housed within this building. Our team studied the individual needs of each group and where their needs overlapped to create appropriate adjacencies and an efficient floor plan. Our interior design department worked with department leadership to create office standards and create a variety of workspaces for office, administrative, and technical staff.


More about Siler: One of the head architects working on this project was Siler Ransmeier. As principal and director of design, he applies his design experience and commitment to customer satisfaction on every project — including this one. His belief in communication, collaboration, and engagement acted as the foundational aspects of this project. An architect with a purpose, Siler’s passion for helping people create beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces allowed him and his team to create a design that met the objectives and vision for the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


CLIENT: NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

YEAR: 2021

CATEGORY: Wellness, Civic Service, Corporate Interiors


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 220,000 square feet




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Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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