A Year of Racial Reckoning - Stephanie Ackler

2020 was a year of racial reckoning, with America as the epicenter. With nationwide demonstrations in the fight for racial equality, there has been an effort to move the needle toward change.

Stephanie Ackler, holistic wealth manager and advocate for women leadership talks about her views on racial injustice. Throughout her career, Stephanie has been an advocate for inclusion and diversity. With an imperative to take social responsibility and address, acknowledge, and stop racial injustice, she aims to curb this phenomenon wherever possible.

Stephanie, 2020 has shone a light on the fact that racism is far from over. What are your views on this and how to end this once in for all?

“The horrific recent events in Minnesota, Louisville, and Georgia have reminded me of just how privileged I am. They have also made me realize that we have the capacity and a responsibility to do more to combat racism and racial injustice.

“Yesterday, an African-American colleague shared with me that the first instance of violence he encountered was when, at 8 years old, he was stopped at gunpoint by a policeman. Other African American men have told me this happened to them at 12 or 13 in the neighborhoods where they were growing up. Now, as successful adults, they fear this same violence will touch, and perhaps, take away their beautiful, much-loved children. As a white woman, I never had to face such dangers, nor have I had to worry that my sons would.

“I believe we have the responsibility to fight this systemic racism. We need to ask more challenging questions and really listen to the answers — no matter how difficult. Across the country, we can engage in mentorship and sponsorship in our companies and workplaces to lift up People of Color. We need to reach into more communities to recruit talent that may look and sound different from ourselves so that we have more Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in positions of power. As a woman, I know full well that bringing more diversity in gender to any workforce allows for stronger and different views. The same is true of the diversity of race and ethnicity. Greater diversity leads to stronger growth and better long term results. The process won’t be perfect, but we must work with resolve and move forward together.

“These recent events, events we have seen play out for far too long, remind me of the work we still have to do to bring real change, to help end racial injustice and work towards a stronger, better, and healthier future. I hope we will share this journey together.”



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