Racism as a Public Health Crisis and the Importance of Organizational and Personal Leadership - Richelle Webb Dixon

Image from nahse.org

The National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) is a non-profit association of Black healthcare executives founded in 1968 for the purpose of promoting the advancement and development of Black healthcare leaders, and elevating the quality of healthcare services rendered to minority and underserved communities.

Richelle Webb Dixon — healthcare equalizer, passionate advocate, and strategic planner — served as President of NAHSE for two years. During this period, her focus was on innovation, advocacy, and organizational sustainability. Her leadership abilities stem from her passion, and past experiences, which have allowed her to be the change she wants to see.

During her acceptance speech as the President of NAHSE in front of family, friends, and colleagues, she shared some interesting thoughts.

“My NAHSE family and friends, I feel humbled and blessed to serve as your President. As many of you know, I joined NAHSE straight out of graduate school. The love and support I have received from this organization have been unmatched. This organization took me in as a young healthcare executive and gave me an opportunity to serve and an opportunity to lead. It has since then continued to support me personally and professionally. That is the reason I want to give back.

“The unconditional support I have received from NAHSE for 20+ years is the reason I stand before you today. I stand before you today because everybody in this room has made sacrifices, and has fought to ensure healthcare for all and to ensure that people who look like us receive healthcare. I truly am humbled and emotional today. I stand before you as a blessed woman. I stand before you, surrounded by NAHSE family and friends, and colleagues.

“I stand here today believing that too much is given, much is required. Since NAHSE has given so much to me, has built me up, and allowed me to flourish — I am ready to fight, ready to achieve our mission vision and, ready to ensure that this organization is still relevant 50 years from today. Thank you for allowing me to serve.”

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