Banking on Africa’s Youth: Financial Literacy as a Pathway to Inclusion — Osahon Akpata

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2 min readSep 2, 2020
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Osahon Akpata, African Business Evangelist often speaks about creating mutually beneficial partnerships across the continent. Osahon collaborates with business executives to develop and implement winning strategies for growth across Africa by building partnerships and leveraging digital tools. In this interview with Elizabeth Bintliff, CEO of Junior Achievement Africa, he explains the demographics of Africa and why it is important for companies to engage the youth population.

Read the transcript from his interview below or watch the video here.

When you think about Ecobank’s strategy and you think about the future of youth on the continent, why is Ecobank making this investment (of a three-year partnership with Junior Achievement Africa)? Why is it important for you as a bank?

“Well, when you think about Africa, it has a very young and vibrant population. The median age in sub-Saharan Africa is about 19.5 while in the US it is 38 and in the European Union, it is 43. Any organization planning to serve consumers at scale on this continent needs to engage the youth population.

“Ecobank is committed to developing the youth in Africa who are the future of the continent. We have worked with Junior Achievement Africa over the past few years on a local basis in select countries. We are now taking the relationship to another level with a groupwide agreement to further engage the youth across Africa around the topic of financial literacy because this would be helpful for them as they move into the productive workforce.”

Thank you for sharing, Osahon.



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