My Biggest Boardroom Challenge — Maryann Bruce

Maryann Bruce — an experienced corporate board director and a dynamic and collaborative board leader, has had years of experience during her tenure as a Fortune 100 Division President and CEO. Through her work, she has collected numerous career and life lessons.

She’s often asked by aspiring directors and colleagues about her board experiences. She decided to create ‘Messages from Maryann’ which are a series of short videos sharing her views and experiences related to boards.

“My biggest boardroom challenge is having to deal with difficult or tough issues. Once outlier events, these issues have become much more commonplace. As a director of more than a dozen public, private, mutual fund, advisory, and nonprofit boards, primarily in the financial services industry over the past decade, I’ve been involved with numerous difficult boardroom deliberations. From companies being sued to conducting an initial public offering to evaluating mergers and acquisitions, orchestrating divestitures, recruiting new CEOs, and now the pandemic — just to name a few. Each of these situations brings its own set of unique challenges. As companies come under an increasingly hot spotlight from multiple stakeholders, the board needs to be comfortable making decisions quickly and sometimes that means making decisions with limited information.”

Thank you for sharing that, Maryann.

Read the second part of the conversation here.




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Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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