Many in One - Meet Robin Sax

Robin Sax

A licensed attorney, former prosecutor, trained clinical therapist, custody and parenting coach, criminal defense attorney, legal advisor, and author — all in one person? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Not if you’re Robin Sax. Highly qualified in all the above, and founder of Dear Co-Parent, Robin Sax is a unicorn. For someone who has not worked with her, understanding the niche Robin fills can seem overwhelming. Her blend of multifaceted skills and expertise uniquely qualify her to be the secret sauce in addressing the most challenging cases and causes.

Robin believes that every legal issue has a mental health component to it. Mental health issues can be prevalent at the beginning of a case and translate to being the underlying basis of the legal issue (i.e. substance abuse, trauma, etc.) or can crop up as conflict and crisis manifest in the stress and anxiety of the system.

To get a deeper understanding of what it is Robin does, and who she really is, we decided to consult some people who have real-life experience working with her.

Robin is known to be trilingual, in that she speaks family, criminal, and child welfare, three very different ‘languages’. They seem unrelated, but think of how abuse and trauma cross over to family law. And she understands and can relate to these areas.

A highly dedicated trusted advisor Robin is a soundboard for the legal community. Equal parts professional and personable, she is the perfect blend of full transparency and empathy and goes to great lengths — above and beyond — to ensure the most optimal outcomes in every case. It’s what her colleagues call the “Robin Difference.”

“Fun, chatty, personable. She’s the girlfriend you want in your life. And then she provides these amazing unicorn legal services. She has amazing expertise in these niche areas of law which make her incredibly valuable.”

Robin is ‘cool’ without trying, “…she is always up to date with the latest trends…be it regulations, precedents, parenting — she is on top of everything.”

Speaking with Robin’s network shed light on the range of issues with which clients trust her. Family law is often difficult and emotionally taxing for those involved; with her dual expertise in law and therapy, Robin caters to the most difficult and sensitive issues that arise in family law cases.

“Incredibly available, goes the extra mile — even more than that actually — she will go to infinity and beyond. She is very effective. She is a lawyer and a therapist and has appeared in family court. This gives her such a unique perspective because she’s litigated, she knows how to draft a legal document — many therapists may not be able to do that. And she knows how to rationalize with people.”

Recognizing the need for therapeutic, emotional and legal, guidance support, In 2015, Robin founded Dear Co-Parent, an organization that offers coaching, parenting coordination, mediation, and legal ghostwriting.

Robin is a highly-trusted partner whose clients have the utmost confidence in; in fact, she is the ‘first call’ for the family law attorneys she has worked with when their cases benefit from not just her services, but also from her well-found point-of-view. Her long-standing professional relationships are a testament to her excellent skills, multifaceted expertise, and charming personality.

If you have any questions, ideas, or remarks, please contact Robin via Dear Co-Parent on LinkedIn or Instagram.




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Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders

Insights from Leaders is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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