Living a Richer Life by Design - Susan Schoenfeld

Susan Schoenfeld, a public speaker to families of wealth and their advisors, was featured in the Living a Richer Life by Design podcast with host Jonathan Krueger and contributing host Mark Ralfs. In this podcast, Susan was interviewed by the LionsGate Advisors, to discuss so-called “soft issues”, that are often the hardest ones for families to actually navigate. Susan shares tips and techniques to help families of wealth address the biggest challenges of raising the next generation of wealth.

Susan is the founder of Wealth Legacy Advisors LLC. She is an award-winning thought leader, and public speaker, to the financial services industry. She is an expert on the human issues that keep families of wealth up at night.

In this podcast, they further dive into a variety of subjects — how to build fulfilling relationships, community engagement, social impact, and of course, stewardship of finances. Other topics they touch upon are legacy, governance, stewardship, succession, philanthropy, and managing fiduciary risk.

“I describe myself as a recovering trusts and estates lawyer and CPA. After I left the active practice of law, I worked for 14 years as fiduciary counsel at a white-shoe trust company here in New York City. I catered to ultra-high-net-worth families, for whom I created, developed, and facilitated a series of women and wealth workshops designed to explore personal issues of wealth. Issues like “how do I raise my family in an atmosphere of wealth and still have them turn out to be productive members of society?” and issues like “how do I protect my family’s hard-earned wealth from the person who’s going to marry my child and might become a creditor of my family?”

“Ultimately, that led me to leave the trust company, after which I worked with the six hundred million dollars single-family office, as their family ambassador. In 2013, I launched my consulting firm Wealth Legacy Advisors, also based here in New York City. I serve as thought to partner to families and family offices and their trusted advisors on various issues. Things like governance, legacy, stewardship, next-generation, and philanthropy.

“Even though I’m still a member of the bar, I don’t practice law or give any legal advice. Even though I’m a CPA, I don’t give any accounting or tax advice. I give no investment advice, and I sell no product. What I provide is strictly thought partnership to families of wealth on the human issues of wealth that matter most to them. In addition, I’m a keynote speaker to financial services firms about these issues of legacy and stewardship.”

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