Keynote Speaker at the Master’s Hooding Ceremony at USC - Lloyd Emerson Johnson

Lloyd Emerson Johnson, a creative visionary, trusted advisor, and stakeholder champion, was the keynote speaker at the Masters Hooding Ceremony at the University of South Carolina, 2021.

The epitome of integrity and diligence - Lloyd focuses on these qualities when leading and advising. He has served as a high-level advisor to discerning leaders, including board members, CEOs, and country CEOs. His forward-leaning approach to life is balanced-informed and pragmatic.

These are the qualities Lloyd brought forth in his speech at his alma mater. He told the recent graduates about the importance of managing your career for success and leveraging the value of volunteerism. Further, he spoke of the value of continuously investing in yourself in order to remain relevant, and further developing a personal brand that defines you.

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