COVID-19 Survivor Continues to Serve - Karen Wyble

Karen Wyble — Ochsner Lafayette General
Karen Wyble — Ochsner Lafayette General

Karen Wyble, a high-caliber, driven and empathetic healthcare leader does not simply perform her job, instead, she dedicates herself to exceed hospital expectations to achieve better overall health in her community. As the VP of Rural Health and Workforce Development at Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital, she recognizes the value and impact of wellcare on the public.

Public health has never before been put in jeopardy as severely as it has from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a COVID-19 survivor, Karen encourages other survivors to follow her lead in donating convalescent blood plasma in the hope that it can save lives.

Karen recently spoke about her experience in collaboration with the Louisiana Health Association.

Watch the video here or read the interview below.

“My name is Karen Wyble and I’m a COVID-19 survivor. I’m a nursing leader here at Lafayette General Health System and I began my nursing career in the ICU at Lafayette General Medical Center.

“I had COVID-19 early on in February, before we as healthcare providers, knew anything about the disease. It wasn’t until three weeks later, in March, when my physician texted me and said ‘I think you had COVID-19, look at these symptoms.’

“When Lafayette General started with the antibody testing, I was the first one to get the test, and it was positive, as I had assumed it would be.I wasted no time to get out and donate my convalescent plasma. I couldn’t wait to give plasma, because as a caregiver, I know there’s remarkable results when we use the plasma with our COVID patients. I’ve given four times since diagnosed.

“There is no better time to choose to be a nurse, then when our communities are in most need. We amour up and we walk out and we care for our families. The reason is: We’re their hope. We’re ready. We’re here. And we will continue to persevere.”

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