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Karen Boykin-Towns, a change catalyst and results-driven leader, participated in a virtual panel discussion, A Conversation on Gender, Race, and Success hosted by Zoetis. Zoetis is the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock.

Karen and her fellow panelists spoke about various topics. Karen talked about how not to be racist — she shares book recommendations and tips on how to extend oneself to grow.

You can watch this part of Karen’s video here or read an excerpt of what she said below.

“I think there are a few [book recommendations]. ‘Dear White People’, ‘Just Mercy’ — if you don’t want to read the book there is a movie version, ‘So You want to talk about race’?

“There is a lot to read for sure, but at the end of the day looking within ourselves to understand ‘How many white friends do I have in my network? How many Black friends do I have?’ Some of those practical things can help us get out of our bubbles. These bubbles can be physical, or a part of our social constructs. Those bubbles must be extended, to expand in order to have others in one’s orbit to learn, give and grow together. That is really a practical way. You have to think about — who do you vacation with? Who do you dine with when it’s not a business engagement? I think we all have an opportunity to really have some self-reflection and extend ourselves a bit because the only way we will get better, is by doing.”

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