Now is Not the Time to Stay Silent - Karen Boykin-Towns in conversation with PRecise Communications and Hill Harper

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Karen Boykin-Towns is a results-driven leader and agent of change. Karen was invited to speak at a virtual panel discussion held by PRecise Communications. The discussion was titled Culture and Convos- Maximizing Black Voices & Brand Power for Social Change, and encompassed topics like racism in America, equality, the recent protests, and so on. Karen spoke alongside Hill Harper — renowned actor, author, and activist.

Karen has had extensive experience in PR, strategic planning, and outreach — which have allowed her a knack for connecting with people. With a unique perspective, leading businesses and civic organizations, Karen has been able to bridge communications gaps and has brought people together on common ground.

In this section of the conversation, Karen talks about how now is not the time to stay silent.

Watch part of the panel discussion here, or read an excerpt below.

“Now is not the time to stay silent! I was in a corporation for 22 years before retiring which made me realize that everyone should speak up. So if it's at a town hall meeting, or global town hall meeting, or a one-on-one with your boss — ask questions! Don’t fear to speak up or ask about an initiative your company promised and hasn't followed up with. Speak about organizations you feel connected to and ask your company if they would want to partner up with them. If you are interested in ELC or Black Enterprises, talk about it!

“I think asking questions and giving opinions gives us power. One thing I believe with all my heart is that if we have been given the privilege to sit in these positions of power or influence, it's our obligation to speak up. We need to ensure we are doing all we can to make a difference. There are people who have sacrificed a lot for us to get here, so we need to do our bit to help our communities.”

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