The Empowered Women Series - Opportunity in Adversity with Julie Roehm

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“There are t-shirts that say, ‘Underestimate me. This will be fun,’ and that was exactly how I approached life.” If this sentence doesn’t encompass the attitude and story of Julie Roehm, we don’t know what does.

Julie Roehm, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Party City, was recently featured in the ‘Empowered Women Series’ in a talk about Opportunity in Adversity.

In this discussion, Julie shares her thoughts and experiences with Purnima Thakre, about her adventurous and exciting career.

Julie is no stranger to adversity and has been fierce and determined since a young age. As portrayed by her anecdotes, Julie has always been one to take adventurous yet calculated risks in order to create a long-lasting positive impact in the companies she works for. Julie shares her perspectives on workplace culture, dealing with adversity, jumping into new industries with confidence and poise, asking questions and listening, and building a successful team. Her experience in industries are varied- automotive, big-box retail, services, and consulting. She has been able to push every limit from the marketing perspective in every industry. Exuding an air of confidence while also maintaining humility is a difficult task to achieve — and Julie is able to achieve that with the utmost ease.

You can watch Julie’s talk with Purnima below.

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