The 4 Pillars of Party City - Julie Roehm

Julie Roehm, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Party City has made some vast changes at the organization in just a few months. Her marketing techniques are unique and she has played an important role in guiding the company through the pandemic.

Julie Roehm was recently featured in Vivaldi’s Interaction Field Series — a conversation with the founder of Vivaldi, Erich Joachimsthaler. Julie and Erich delved into how she navigated her way through the pandemic, from the perspective of a marketer. In this section of the series, she speaks about the four internal pillars Party City lives by.

You can read part of their conversation below, or watch the video.

“We added a lot of new people to our organization. I think it’s the blend that makes it special — people who have experience with the company understand how the company works. And then you want some new and fresh thinking as well.

“We’ve got four internal pillars — total inside baseball speak. First of all, focus on the customer and the fact that people matter. Don’t forget that we’re in the business of joy, so let’s celebrate the things that we do. It’s the customer first. What did they want? What do they expect? How do we run operations in a way that keeps our employees safe and makes them feel comfortable? “It can’t be done.” It’s not acceptable to just say “no, it can’t be done”. Everything can get done. It may not get done in the way you initially think about it, but it absolutely can get done by breaking it down and getting to the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish.

“The ‘getting it done’ is a total team effort. So that is by no means ‘Julie is chief experience and marketing officer.’ I go nowhere without a great CIO. If you don’t have a customer minded CIO, CTO, I don’t think you can succeed. That’s just me. I believe it can get done.”

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