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2 min readApr 21, 2021

Nothing x Nothing = Nothing

Right now, the only truths that you ought to be concerned about is that you have lost the best marketing partner American business ever had, the advertising agency, and that massive amounts of money are being squandered on pathetically small ideas. It doesn’t make any difference how brilliant your social media strategy is or how precise and efficient your algorithm-driven media buys are. If you have nothing to say, no matter where you say it, or how nicely you dress it up, it still amounts to nothing.

If you aren’t communicating a Big Idea — an insightful, pre-emptive, meaningful, memorable, and compelling Big Idea, consistently to all your audiences, all the time, in whichever media is appropriate and available, you’re wasting your money. And, worse, you risk becoming a no-identity, no-name commodity. And from a no-identity, a no-name commodity to a place on the Forbes list of losers is one short step.

The need for an advertising/marketing renaissance is blatantly obvious, red lights are flashing, change is necessary. But here’s the rub: Don’t bother looking to the advertising agencies to turn things around. The agencies, who once knew better, who were once masters of the Big Idea, have simply lost their way along with their place at the high table. So what’s the answer?

The answer is that corporate marketing departments, rather than agency creative departments, are the necessary agents of change.

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