Getting Help Along the Way - Maryann Bruce

I was featured on ABC to CEO’s podcast that aims to inspire and encourage young women to become leaders and CEOs. I share advice with young women on the different types of advisers that you will need along your professional journey.

“Throughout your career, you need three types of individuals who can help you succeed: coaches, mentors, and sponsors.

“The simplest way to distinguish between them is as follows:

“Coaches speak TO you. They tell you what you need to do to become stronger.

“Mentors speak WITH you. They’re listening to you and offering advice.

“Sponsors speak FOR you. They are the ones that champion you when you’re not in the room. They’re also the ones that are the decision-makers who decide who’s going to get the promotion or not.”

I explain that at different points in your career, you’re going to need different people along the way to guide you, and it’s probably going to be one of those three. Sometimes you will have multiple types of advisers assisting you simultaneously because they offer different ways to help you achieve your own potential.

“Each individual will have a role and influence in your journey in their own unique ways. It is up to you to identify what type of aid you need and who in your life can offer that to you.”

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