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The TE Store was created to serve the needs of inventors and engineers. It allows them to search products online, receive 24/7 support, and make purchases online. - Nitin Mathur

TE Connectivity launched the online TE Shop recently to expand its brand and increase sales among smaller businesses. It serves as a foundation to build TE Connectivity into a global B2B ecommerce program. Nitin Matur, vice-president and chief ecommerce and digital officer, said that “We are well-established with large international manufacturers.” “We now want to target smaller, medium and niche businesses.”

The majority of large accounts’ sales are handled by its global staff with representatives in North America and Europe. TE Connectivity, however, is integrating B2B ecommerce in the United States to increase its reach among small- and medium-sized customers.

Diverse Industries

TE Connectivity sells products in a variety of industries. The automotive industry relies on sensors and connectivity products for body and chassis, motor and drivetrain applications, safety and security, and other areas. Other products are used in factory automation, process control systems, such as industrial controls, robotics and human-machine interactions, industrial communications, and power distribution. TE Connectivity also supplies electronic components for the data devices and appliances markets.

Mathur states that it is used by companies of all sizes, in every industry. They want to be able to search for products and purchase them online. He says that the TE Store was created to address the needs of inventors and engineers so they can search products online, receive 24/7 technical support, and then be able to order online.

TE Electric took 18 months to create its e-commerce strategy and get customer feedback. They also selected technology for a pilot project that included about 1,000 products from the transportation segment, which is the largest in the company. Mathur said that the pilot was run for six to eight months in order to make sure everything was working correctly.

The C/4 Hana software from SAP is used to run the e-commerce website. It went live in September and has an inventory of approximately 20,000 products across 15 categories, including connectors, application tooling, and fiber optics.

The company’s nearly 500,000 products will be sold online by the TE Store, which will then expand to other markets.

For now, however, the focus is on U.S. ecommerce site management and tracking and analysing how customers use it. He says, “We want all touchpoints to be identified so that we can increase conversion.”

Customer feedback

TE Connectivity spent a lot of time and resources in customer focus groups. Then, they built, tested and refined the features that customers wanted. Customers have access to product pricing and daily updates about product availability. They also have flexible shipping and delivery options.

The product pages contain extensive information and product details, including zoom imagery, product specifications, drawings, and CAD files. They also include the number of units in stock. Live chat is one of the customer service options.

There are millions of engineers looking for high-quality products online to design their applications. They want to compare prices and see what is available, and then have the option of purchasing products online.

Nitin Mathur

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