The Path to a Better World - Doug Pardo LionPoint Coaching

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“Actualizing potential is a path to a better world.”

In our professional and life contexts, we strive for success but it can be hard to understand what success looks like all the time. LionPoint Coaching’s founder Doug Pardo reframes this conversation to speak more about what it means to “actualize potential.” By saying potential, we recognize that we are capable of accomplishing our goals and it is just a matter of creating the right culture and team to get there.

Actualizing our own potential is also inherently linked to the potential of others. Our success depends and bolsters the success of the communities we work and live in. One of the main ideas that Doug stresses people to recognize is that, “improving the human condition is dependent on our collective ability to achieve potential.”

As leaders and coaches it is critical to guide clients to creating their own ideas and context to improve their talents and organizations. Assisting leaders in their path to self-awareness in turn trickles down to their organization through their improved leadership skills.

A true coach works in collaboration with a client and they form a partnership to achieve success together. Pardo reflected that:

“Currently, at my own coaching firm, I do not tell clients how to manage their organizations; that is not my job. Instead, I am committed to helping leaders build the context and gain the awareness that gives them the highest impact possible. We work as a team, diagnosing problems and making sense of failures. We take on this task together, partnering to actualize the full scope of our potential.”

This form of coaching enables the client to learn where they can change their actions to best achieve success. Ultimately, they will be able to do this on their own and have a greater impact on their teams and organizations.

When we achieve our goals, we set new ones and by actualizing potential, we are able to push the frontier of potential to challenge ourselves in a more ambitious way than before.

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