Wealth Managers Reveal the Top Themes of the Moment - Derek Queisser de Stockalper

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Derek Queisser de Stockalper is a trusted advisor, innovative thinker, published author, and thought leader in ‘Sustainability as a Source of Innovation’. His track-record in sustainable, alternative, and impact investment fields has provided him with valuable insights into related fields.

Derek was recently a participant in the second episode of the Citywire Switzerland virtual roundtable on thematic investing. The other participants in the online panel discussion were Steffen Bauke, CEO, Belvoir Capital, and Pawel Sniegocki Fink, head of investments Switzerland, Stonehage Fleming.

“In the second episode of the Citywire Switzerland virtual roundtable on thematic investing, the three Switzerland-based wealth managers discuss their theme picks of the moment together with AXA Investment Managers’ Jeremy Gleeson.”

You can watch the virtual panel discussion here or read an excerpt of what Derek said below.

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Bottom Row, Extreme Left — Derek Queisser de Stockalper, image from https://citywire.ch/news/watch-wealth-managers-reveal-the-top-themes-of-the-moment/a1368642

“We are looking at post-COVID supply chains simply because supply chains will need to change. There are various reasons for this change — consumer-driven, regulatory, cost, and so on. We are looking at post-COVID payment systems. We have done a lot of research. This varies from traditional payment systems, other types of blockchain-based solutions, and post COVID infrastructures. This is linked to one philosophy that is dear to us — finding solutions that generate cash flows and at the same time address some social challenges. We look at it as a win-win situation. This might be the base of a new theme that emerges and will become complementary to the ones I mentioned. This is how we approach things. We use mental models to try and understand what might be happening, what’s not happening, and to challenge ourselves. When these have been structured, we look at the direct investments or companies or funds who could populate that field in a way which we feel is attractive.”

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