Keeping “Work-From-Home” A Positive Experience - Damla Zeybel

Damla Zeybel — Passionate Leader
Damla Zeybel - Passionate Leader

We finally crossed over the 2020 mark and placed so much expectations on poor 2021’s shoulders that, in my opinion, we run the risk of premature disappointment if things don’t change ‘back to normal’ soon.

I realize many leaders are being as sympathetic as possible to their employees’ needs. However, after so many months of the same, perhaps there need to be more adjustments to how we work. For example, where possible, managers and employees could reassess their work hours and agree to modified/flex schedules to afford time for household duties and other priorities. Certain days a week could be declared no-meeting days and provide employees time to catch up and be more productive. Creating customary incentive programs such as “virtual brownie points” or online group volunteering activities could help boost team spirits. Sites such as or have lots of ideas and opportunities to consider.

According to an HBR article on WFH burnout, the biggest toll of remote working inevitably falls on women, and women of color in particular. Leaders have to ensure that this part of the population of skill and precious diversity is given the needed attention, as it is more often than not the one with the highest return on investment.

I don’t believe we will be going back to the same old ways of working once this pandemic is under control, but with more innovation and adaptability we could turn these burned-out lemons into a very tasty, engaged lemonade.

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