2020 Top 10 Influential Women in Diversity: Crystal Ashby

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Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

The Diversity Global Magazine has nominated 10 outstanding female leaders for their ‘2020 Top 10 Influential Women in Diversity’ list. These women made great strides this year to accomplish the common goal of transforming the workplace into a more inclusive environment. Their commitment to their work and transformation of work culture has distinguished them from others in their fields.

The magazine defined their influential women, “the 2020 Top 10 Influential Women in Diversity are a very special group of business professionals who bring decades of experience, people and business skills, and a desire to be change agents for making the workplaces in every location more diverse and more inclusive. In their multinational or multi-location organizations, these women are transforming organizations at their very core — the culture. It is a challenging role they have accepted because changing the hearts and minds of people to ensure everyone is given equal opportunity requires relentless effort and a willingness to start and join difficult conversations.”

Of the top 10 nominees is Crystal Ashby, president and CEO of The Executive Leadership Council. A leader of sustainable change, Crystal made history as she was named the first female president of the ELC organization. She comes from an impressive background as a highly experienced corporate leader in the energy industry.

“Crystal drives the organization’s efforts to increase the number of global Black executives in C-suites, on corporate boards, and in global enterprises.

“Crystal embodies the values and culture of The ELC, having benefitted from the leadership development program and the mentoring and sponsorship provided by senior leaders of The ELC. She has held various positions on ELC committees over the past decades, including as chairperson of The ELC audit committee, member of the governance committee, co-chair of the membership committee, and voting member of the governance committee. Crystal’s participation on these committees gave her deep insights and knowledge of The ELC mission and strategic goals.”

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