Marketing in 2020 — Don’t Toss Your Method, Tweak it — Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson — a communications artist who does not follow the traditional method. She analyzes, aligns goals, and collaborates, to establish concise and compelling communications. Her style of working during the 2020 pandemic has not changed, but it has been altered to fit the new normal.

We are in an ongoing conversation with Ashley, to learn more about her professional experiences and views on the dynamic industry she is a part of.

Read part 3 of the conversation below.

2020 is all about refinement. Companies require strong and effective marketing now more than ever. As a communications artist, have you altered your outlook on marketing this year? Or in turbulent times is it best to stick with a strategy that is tried and tested?

“2020 has been an extraordinary and trying year for businesses and communications. Acknowledging the elephant of COVID-19, and the emotional toll it imposes on everyone with empathy is so important. It cannot be business as usual — that is near impossible. While for most people, in-person contact is now minimal, communication is at an all-time high. This is all thanks to the internet.”

“Speak to the now. I do not think that your hard work and strategy should be tossed out, but I do think it needs to be tweaked to speak to the times. My favorite pandemic corporate advertisement so far would be from NIKE. Even those who are not athletically inclined will resonate with their message. The ad spoke of the disappointment and struggle caused by the pandemic and covered the pursuit of hope which lies within each of us. It was very inspiring.”

I will definitely watch the NIKE advertisement. Thank you, Ashley.

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