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2 min readApr 5, 2021


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Advising and consulting in family enterprises is a historically male-dominated field. As more women have been joining the field and making strides, it is becoming clear that not just men can be the movers and shakers of family business advising. In fact, women can have unique perspectives that allow them to set their clients up for the most success.

Family Business published an article celebrating women in advising and consulting positions.

They noted that the women featured in the article were, “highly respected women family business center directors and consultants/advisors.” The interviews were conducted to discuss the advantages of women advisors.

Of the women featured in the article was Blair Trippe.

Blair Trippe, MBA is Managing Partner of Continuity Family Business Consulting, where she works with enterprising families on issues related to succession planning, governance development, wealth integration, and conflict management. An experienced negotiator and mediator, Blair has held executive posts on Wall Street and in other corporate settings. Blair co-authored the book Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power, which helps families that share business and other assets become better decision-makers, negotiators and communicators.”

Blaire goes on to discuss things that clients feel comfortable speaking to female advisors about, as opposed to male advisors.

Some women who are wealth creators or inheritors struggle either to find their voice or to get comfortable with the power wealth brings. Many also take “wealthism” (e.g. negative stereotypes and biases associated with wealthy individuals) personally, which can be a real challenge for affluent individuals in our society. For example, because women tend to be highly involved in raising children, they often worry about how to help their children navigate the challenges wealth brings. And they welcome speaking to a woman who can empathize with these emotional challenges.

“Women in family businesses should feel comfortable going after what they want. They no longer need to feel constrained by typical gender roles that peg them in “soft-side” careers or that sideline them to make way for their male siblings and cousins. They should get the education and experience, and have the confidence to achieve their goals — embracing their choices and following their passions, wherever they lead.”



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