A Hearts and Minds Guy - in conversation with Anthony S. Glover

Anthony S. Glover

No business can operate without engaging people and creating meaningful connections with others. Building authentic organizations begin with recognizing that everyone person has their desires, motives, and interests. Be it your customer, client, vendor, or other business leaders — the goal should be to connect with them on a deeper level.

Anthony Glover, a driver of positive change and highly experienced business professional is the epitome of a ‘hearts and minds’ kind of person. He is the kind of leader who genuinely cares about others. His leadership style, and experiences at some of the world’s largest firms, have made him an influential force.

Anthony, as a ‘hearts and mind guy’ how do you use your people skills effectively — in business and your personal life? Why is connecting with people (one of) the most crucial aspects of business?

“Individuals join institutions because there is an understanding that we can do things together that we cannot do alone. Institutions or organizations are the vehicles via which individuals make a difference in the world. And in this journey, the institution — not the individual — is the instrument.

“My goal is to build organizations that are as human as the people who work there — thriving, resilient organizations that nurture talent and spark innovation. Allowing employees to be authentic, and reinforcing that people are at the core of any business, allows them to effectively make critical decisions.

“People are at the core of every business. Businesses are based on relationships, and relationships are based on people. Connecting with people is the most core aspect of business, without which any organization would fall apart.

“We all live fast-paced, busy, stressful lives — putting on a metaphorical mask shouldn’t be one of the things we need to be worrying about. We shouldn’t have to think about how we acted and have to follow up with our behavior — when you are authentic everything comes naturally.

“My approach emphasizes looking at the whole individual, and I stress concepts like free will, self-efficacy, and self-actualization. My humanistic perspective strives to help people fulfill their potential and maximize well-being.

“I think a good portrayal of this is when I leave a team. There is always such a feeling of closeness, and genuine love and care. I want team members to carry on the kind of dynamic and open communication I create. Creating these authentic connections not only causes a feeling of satisfaction amongst people but also leads to high profit and positive business results.”

Thank you for sharing, Tony.



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