A corporate powerhouse and veteran of Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, the NAACP Vice Chairman - Karen Boykin-Towns has learned to be bold and speak up for change and empowers others to do the same. “Using your voice doesn’t have to be speaking to tens of thousands of folks. It’s about figuring out what’s authentic, and putting that out there,” says Boykin-Towns.

Karen has built a reputation as a visionary and strategic results-driven leader. Being a part of a complex business and government environment, she has demonstrated success in the areas of policy, advocacy, communications, and proactive change management. …

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A new documentary, ‘What About Me’ discusses the hardships and realities of Black men living in America. It takes you through real stories and experiences that these men have had to go through because of the ever so present racism in America. Tyronne Stoudemire, a champion for diversity and equality, was featured in the documentary.

Tyronne discusses his own experience, in a store that he loved and was a frequent customer at.

“I have experienced direct racism. I can almost say every day, where I have been either pulled over by the police and asked the questions ‘whose car are…

Lloyd Emerson Johnson, a creative visionary, trusted advisor, and stakeholder champion, was the keynote speaker at the Masters Hooding Ceremony at the University of South Carolina, 2021.

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Karen Walker Johnson, a strategic healthcare executive at Centene Corporation acknowledges the value that well-thought leadership can add to a company. In the current climate the world is living in today, it is crucial that leaders take charge and ensure that their employees are in a position where they can perform to the best of their ability. These trying times will reveal who the true leaders are. Karen recently spoke on the idea of servant leadership, a leadership philosophy in which the employees needs are emphasized.

“Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the main goal of the leader…

Over the last decade, financial services in sub-Saharan Africa have evolved rapidly to meet the needs of consumers, businesses, and the government. At Ecobank, we seek to provide world-class financial products and services that are affordable, accessible, and fit for purpose in the markets we serve. In 2016, we launched Ecobank Mobile, a unified mobile banking application across 33 African countries developed by Africans for Africans and our unique needs. Our goal was to democratize access to financial services by offering a suite of products at scale and reducing the cost to serve consumers across Africa.

Today, there are over…

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Being on a board requires a multifaceted approach to every situation. Corporate boards are under increasing pressure to diversify their ranks, mitigate risk, adapt to change, and constantly prepare for the future. Board members are scrutinized for their ‘readiness’ to understand complex businesses, employ effective governance, showcase technical know-how and create a long-term performance.

Will Oliver, enterprise risk manager, agile, visionary leader, and ambassador of positive change shares his experience on corporate and non-profit boards. He further dives into what qualities he brings to a board and how he applies them to different situations.

Will, a holistic approach is defined…

Larry Quinlan

What are the characteristics of a bold transformational leader?

“The whole notion of a bold transformational leader is an interesting one. I think there are different dynamics to it. A leader can only be bold if they operate from a strong foundation. Building that strong foundation takes a lot of hard work, things you wouldn’t typically consider bold. A bold leader is not afraid to do what’s right, they synthesize information from lots of people instead of simply assuming that they know everything. …

Once again, I will presume that we’re of a similar state of mind: we agree that there is a problem and we agree that change is necessary. Now the question is how will you convince your own management, likely left-brain people, that there’s enormous financial value in Big Thinking and Big Ideas? Or put another way, how are you going to turn around a giant supertanker using your hand as a rudder?

“I have had this desire my whole life to prove people wrong, to show them I could do things they didn’t think I could do.” — David Paterson

David Paterson, the first Black Governor of New York and the second blind US Governor, does not let any limitations or prejudices stop him.

Karen Boykin-Towns, the Vice Chairman of the NAACP carries a similar determination. As a fighter for racial equity and leader for change, Karen dedicates her time to having hard, yet necessary conversations.

Karen has built a reputation as a visionary and strategic results-driven leader. Being a part of…

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“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”

We are in conversation with Troy Taylor, a business-oriented global leader and strong believer in the power of technological innovation. Troy’s background in aerospace engineering coupled with his intellectual curiosity for technology, allow him to help companies achieve strategic objectives. Troy shares how technology will aid human beings to evolve to the next level and how we will drive technology forward.

One of the areas in which you have built broad expertise, is in using, or understanding, technology to transform and scale businesses. This relates to many aspects of…

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